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The Bank delivers its products and services through a wide branch network (45) and through ICT channels including:

i. Digital Applications and Internet Banking;

ii. USSD Mobile technology

iii. Mobile Wallet service (Ecocash Services);

iv. Point of Sale Machines;

V. Agency Banking; and

Vi. Biller Integration (ZINARA Licensing, Local
authority payments, and Electricity Vending)

Vii. Bulk payments channels and services

Business Growth Model

AFC Commercial Bank operates as a deposit taking Commercial Bank. The Bank is expanding commercial Banking services through offering a lot of Digital products and services in line with the mandate. The Bank is working closely with Government as the Shareholder for additional capitalization as necessary to expand Agriculture Financing and Development.

The Bank’s Business model is anchored on a recently upgraded IT system which forms the bulwark of our delivery channels. In line with the Five Year Strategic
Plan, the Bank seeks to become the leading commercial bank in the country.

Retail Banking

Digital Banking Products

AFC account holders with linked ZWL Cards are able perform ZWL withdrawals and ZWL Card Deposits on AFC Branch POS machines.

AFC USD Account holders with linked Local Nostro Cards are able perform USD withdrawals and USD Card Deposits on AFC Branch POS machines.

AFC Merchants will be able to receive and acquire ZWL Cards from any bank

AFC Merchants will be able to receive and acquire Local Nostro Cards from any bank

When the client transacts on a USD POS machine, it picks the USD account and when one transacts on ZWL machine, the ZWL account is picked.

The card can transact but limited to lower limits.

All T24 account opening requests initiated from the Agency Banking on Mobile Application are tracked using this portal as they go through all verification stages on Flexi-doc from application to final account opening

It is a low cost account which will allow the unbanked to easily on-board using Low KYC requirements. The national ID will be verified using the Registrar’s database during the account opening process. The solution will have access to card transactions and the AFC Link suite.

It is remittance solution that allows customers (non AFC and AFC) to send money to beneficiaries and remittance services to be collected at any AFC branch nationwide.

It is an electronic banking solution which gives secure and unlimited access to your account, enabling you to carry out transactions via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

It is a service provide by a bank to customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

It is a service provided by the bank to customers that allows them to access banking services remotely using any mobile device.

It is a service provided by the bank to customers that allows them to access banking services WhatsApp

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