The Bank’s mandate anchors on the following broad transformational themes
  • Building ecosystems, synergies and partnerships (promoting contract schemes & out-grower models)
  • Agricultural value chain development and catalytic financing.
  • Rural industrialization, agricultural development and mechanization
  • Export promotion and development through financing of export oriented activities.
  • Innovation, technology and financial inclusion.
who are our customers

Target Customer Segments

Communal/rural farmers

Farmers manage their land as a joint venture.
Communal/rural farmers

A1 and A2 Farmers

Smallholder and medium-scale commercial farming land
A1 and A2 Farmers

Resettled Farmers

Farming land provided by the government to individuals for various farming purposes.
Resettled Farmers

Commercial Farmers

A type of agribusiness in which farmers raise crops and livestock on a large scale.
Commercial Farmers

Contract Farmers

Contract farming usually allows farmers access to finance production inputs
Contract Farmers

Agro-processors, exporters and agro-dealers

Machinery suppliers
Agro-processors, exporters and agro-dealers
Why choose us


Mechanisation & Capacitation

Farm equipment and implements, Irrigation facilities, Storage and warehousing facilities among many other requirements

Livestock Programs

Beef and dairy development, Poultry production (layers, broilers, free range etc), Aquaculture and fisheries, Goats and sheep

Cash Crops

Maize production (seed and commercial), Wheat production (seed and commercial), Soya bean (seed and commercial), Small grains (sorghum, rapoko, sunflower, ground nuts etc),Horticulture (leaf, root and fruit vegetables) , Floriculture among many other crops

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